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Hello, nice to meet you, stranger, whoever and wherever you are!
I'm Natalie. 26. Russian. Forever alone.(c) Music addicted. Sometimes I do stupid gifs.

Current obsessions:
BBC Sherlock and all the cast
Doctor Who from 9th to 12th
I adore Classic Doctors as well
Stephen Fry and QI
Alan Davies
Dylan Moran and Black Books
Avengers Assemble
Tom Hiddleston
The Hobbit and everything

Ask me anything!
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PS. My English really sucks. Feel free to correct))


14 September 14

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20 August 14


If anybody ever asks me what I think about Lee Pace, I’ll just show them this gif


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Halt and Catch Fire, episode "Up Helly Aa" preview

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do you find this happens all the time
crucial point one day becomes a crime [x]

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6 July 14

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19 May 14

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20 April 14


3-5 years from now Married Normily on Season 8 Married Bethyl.

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6 April 14


MORE photos of Benedict Cumberbatch in Finland from High Life mag! Thank you @jmecreates! "The photoshoot that keeps on giving!"

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Lee Pace at Monte-Carlo Télévision Festival (2008) [x]

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Queued from April 6th 2013. BRING IT ON.

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Interviewer : How would you describe yourself as boyfriend ?

Tom Hiddleston : “Very honest, I hope. God, I don’t know. I hope I’m fun, I hope I’m a good time. Spontaneous, surprising, affectionate ? I hope, kind. Dancing… a lot of dancing. I insist upon dancing. Anywhere. Anytime. The more dancing, the better.”

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My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

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Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh